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Writer praises Jon Luzio


I have known Jon Luzio since I returned from service in the USAF in 1967. I am a close friend, but I have also criticized the Animal Control Departments use of huge vans to pick up 30 pound dogs (about 5 vans).

The issue of euthanasia of animals (even the use of the term “euthanasia”) has all been generated by a very small group of media savvy witches led by a local scold, Bonnie Mansfield.

Jon Luzio was always extremely courteous in dealing with the public and other than Mansfield’s complaints because he refused to do her bidding has had no complaints about his professional manner in dealing with the public. His procedure has always been a personal or telephone call first, merely explaining the law and the penalties for not controlling a pet. In almost no instance did he write a ticket for the original complaint.

He has significantly reduced the number of runs necessary to contain dogs due to his efficient enforcement of Ohio’s extremely lax animal control statutes. He placed more animals for adoption than any other pound in Ohio. He instituted a cat rescue program that was funded from his savings in animal control procedures. He provided low cost termination services for aged or injured pets as opposed to $100 plus for taking your personal animal to a veterinarian. Animal Control is funded by dog licensing fees and Licking County’s were some of the lowest in the state.

The method of termination of animals used by one of several that are recommended by the American Veterinary Assc.. (may not be correct name but I researched this and found this in their appendix of acceptable termination methods). Because of the Licking County Commissioners caving into a simple letter writing campaign. most of these additional services will be canceled. This is not out of spite but the need to fund the extra personnel and equipment necessary to terminate animals on an individual basis and to provide the space for the extra equipment needed for one by one termination. .In addition the cost of dog licenses will go up to fund this absurd project.

Lastly, let me quote Ms. Mansfield from the Aug. 28, 2010 Beacon. This was in the closing paragraphs of a diatribe aimed at the Kirkersville administration. They have been attacked by her for 10 years or so, even though she has not lived there for about three years. Of course, she could not close with out a parting salvo at Licking County Animal Control. “…….I hope the public realizes that good things are happening at the pound in spite of the commissioners and the management.

Lastly ( actually my list is never ending), If you are an anonymous caller and want to point out something for me to share, you MUST get me access to black and white, cast iron FACTS! call me back at 740-964-9651 or email me at barksanimalrescue@yahoo. com.”
Sean Ahern

Harbor Hills

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