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Writer praises Hupp


I live right beside the Bowling Green Township community building in Brownsville. With all the raining and hot, humid days, the grass has begun to get ahead of most attempts to keep up with it. Regardless of how often I mow, it’s tough to keep the yard looking good. But that’s not what I’m really writing about.

I’m writing about a young man who obviously cares about providing the service to our township that he promised when he took his oath of office. I’m speaking of Mr. Benjamin Hupp

Bowling Green Township, like most small communities, is certainly stressed to make ends meet these days. And keeping up with such things as mowing, trimming and cleaning around the township buildings is a tedious and time consuming task. However, I’ve watched this trustee show up regularly, using his own equipment and supplies, including gasoline, oil and such, to keep our small park mowed, trimmed and clean every week.

My family takes a great deal of pride in keeping our own property looking good. And with the township building and park bordering our property, we especially appreciate the effort Mr. Hupp makes in keeping the township looking nice. He does it with a smile, a quick wave and off he goes. Many times he finishes when daylight is fading and most of us have already put our feet up to watch the evening news. Thank you Ben, your hard work is being noticed and we all appreciate your efforts.

Mike & Suzie Vermillion
Bowling Green Township

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