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Writer pleased with fire contract agreement


I attended last week’s joint meeting abut the fire contract. I wanted to thank you all for listening to us and agreeing upon a good way to resolve the differences we are having with Millersport.

As you could tell from the turnout last evening, this is a subject the township residents are passionate about. Our safety and well being depends upon there being an excellent partnership among Thurston, Millersport, and Walnut Township. We have the utmost faith in the two fire departments. They have served us well for many years.

We need our elected officials to work together in the same way that the fire departments do. I think that you will find that a well thought out request for additional funds for them will be well received by the township voters.

I have lived in the township for 20 years. I understand that all of the blame for the breakdown is not in one place, but it is your responsibility to get past all of that and make this partnership work for all of us. I am so pleased that you took a big step October 5 to that end.

Bethany Beck

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