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Writer pens ode to Buckeye Lake

Dear Buckeye Lake:

There are very few positives that can come out of what has been done to you. The faithful communities surrounding your water have been reeling from the impact of decisions made well beyond your shore, and though your water is half-way gone, you still have some magic.

It has been there throughout your 180 years. Whether it was the “glory days” of the Big Bands and the Crystal Ballroom, or boat parades, or the countless family memories etched in the minds of generations of children turned parents and grandparents, you have brought smiles to the faces of those who have sought your tranquil water to forget about the troubles of life on the mainland and inspired a hook or two to be baited in search of the wildlife that lurks in your murky cover. We have been flung off of tubes, watched you create your own colors in countless sunsets and listened to more than a band or two with a thousand of our closest friends on a Friday night.

Your majesty will endure and your luster will return – albeit not soon enough for any of us. In the meantime, you deserve to know there are pieces of magic that have happened here despite what has been taken from us.

You would be proud to know that the boundaries that once were drawn in the minds and words of your various communities have all but disappeared. Whether Harbor Hills or Heron Bay, Cranberry Bay or South Bank, your communities are more proud today than ever of associating simply with your name – Buckeye Lake. Your history is being told with pride and your name is ringing from Millersport to Thornport as a place we all belong.

Individuals, homeowners associations, chartered organizations and fledgling community groups alike have spent countless hours and scarce resources against great odds to end this tragedy as soon as possible. We are rallying for you in this storm during your time of need as you have protected us through every flood without fail for nearly two centuries.

Though you will have a new dam in the years to come, we know your old one never gave up on us. Likewise we are not giving up on you.

Tim Figgins
Buckeye Lake

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