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Writer lays out the dollar cost of annexation to Millersport


I did some research on what it would cost if a home in Walnut Township would be annexed into the Village of Millersport. I was astonished! Here are the facts:

Millersport 64.45 Mill Per $100,000 Valuation = $1712.60. Walnut Township 53.75 Mill Per $100,000.00 Valuation = $1407.10. The difference is $305.50 more taxes for each $100,000 of value.

This means that a typical home valued at $300,000 would pay over $916.00 more a year.

Walnut Township residents already pay for the county sheriff’s office protection in our current taxes as well as for Millersport/ Walnut Township fire and Emergency Medical protection.

We are satisfied with the township’s performance on maintaining the roads and parks. The question would be, what am I gaining for the $916.00 more a year on a $300,000 home?

Trudy Craig
Walnut Township

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