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Writer lauds Millersport Little Lakers coaches


I would like to recognize and give credit to the football coaching staff of the Millersport Little Lakers.

I am a proud parent of athletes in this program and want to send thanks for their dedication, pride, hard work, perseverance, and “never satisfied” attitudes. They are appreciated more than they will ever know and are humble enough not to expect these words.

They have all challenged our kids to look inside themselves to find a passion not only for the love of the game but also respect for one another. When times are tough, the crowd has dwindled and all spirit seems lost, you can witness amazing things going on, on that field.

The coaches and players rally around each other and kick in blood, sweat and tears to fight until the end of every game. At the end of the season the scores are not what matters to these people, it is that they came out on top with dedication, pride, hard work, perseverance, and “never satisfied” attitudes. I hope that they can continue to improve the program kids as they have in the most recent seasons.

This town needs good people like this to stick around for many more years. We need someone the kids can look forward to coming to because they respect them. I want everyone to watch and see what happens to the program as these kids move on up. Great things are happening at the Little Laker level and I can’t wait to see what is in store for their future!

Theresa McClung Millersport

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