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It has been some time since I have written about Baltimore and its administrators. Some readers might think that since Baltimore’s paving project included my street (Liberty Street) that I am no longer upset with our village administration. That’s not the case and I’m still upset that our streets have taken a “back seat”, while our mayor and council approved the expansion of our village staff with positions that never before were necessary to maintain our village.

We have always had some sort of police presence in our village, but a “full time” police chief was not in our budget. A Village Engineer was also “never before” on our payroll. If you go back to when we had the Board Of Public Affairs, and compare the cost to the village taxpayers, you will be shocked by the cost difference, especially since either the “Board Of Public Affairs” or “Village Administrator” are acceptable under Ohio Revised Code ( 234 / 234.01 / 234.02 ). We spent $669,040.03 for Village Administrator Hall, and what did we get?……..Regulation after regulation after regulation.

One of those regulations is apparently going away. “Impact Fees” on business’s coming into Baltimore has apparently not worked because new businesses have not come here in any significant numbers. I can think of no other reason for the council rescinding that ordinance. How much “new construction” of residential properties have you seen in Baltimore since Village Administrator Hall and our council passed all of the “building related” ordinances? There was one project that was considered by council involving building “low income” housing. Even Buckeye Lake Village Council said “NO” to a similar project there. Finally our council also said “NO”.

In the near future, we will likely see an increase in our bills for water, since we will no longer receiving income from Thurston for their water purchases. I have been told that the income from Thurston is approximately $ 9,000 per month. We will be processing less water because of the loss of that business, but don’t be surprised if our water rates are increased.

Why is all this spending happening??? Mayor Kalish has repeatedly stated that “The Growth Is Coming to Baltimore” for several years. Village Council believed it, and went along with all the spending and increased regulation. Now a homeowner cannot improve his/her property without jumping through the all the new rules and regulations.

Charles R. Lamb

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