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Writer has questions about trustees’ actions, statements


I am a senior citizen that recently moved in with my daughter at Fairfield Beach. I’ve been hearing about the actions of the Walnut Township Trustees. I find it hard to believe what my neighbors are saying. I am writing this letter asking you to research and answer some questions. I hope the Walnut Township Trustees themselves will respond.

Is there a pending lawsuit against the Walnut Township Trustees for ignoring over petitions from Walnut Township citizens “against” encouraging and allowing zoning for a construction and demolition debris landfill in Walnut Township? I’ve heard it called “Dupler’s Dump.”

Are there other pending lawsuits against the Walnut Township Trustees?

Did Trustee Walter “Wally” Gabriel really explain in a public meeting that the financial formula used to determine how much money the Thurston-Walnut Township Fire Department receives is just “chicken scratches?” I’ve heard that Mr. Gabriel is just a “rubber stamp” for anything Trustee Alan “Sonny” Dupler suggests.

Did the Walnut Township Trustees purchase a tanker fire truck for the Thurston- Walnut Township Fire Department even though the Village of Thurston has fire hydrants and Fairfield Beach does not?

Do trustees directly pay for fire trucks and medics for the Thurston-Walnut Fire Department and also pay for their payroll “off the top” before giving Millersport its allocated percentage of the collected tax revenue?

Did Trustee Alan “Sonny” Dupler really “testify under oath” during a deposition at the courthouse in Lancaster that he “intended to abolish” the Millersport Fire Department?

Is it true that the trustees have approved for themselves and township workers a very expensive “US Senator Type” of healthcare plan at taxpayer’s expense that costs much more than a normal plan and is far beyond what regular Walnut Township working and retired people could afford?

William Smith Fairfield Beach

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