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Writer encourages township residents to get active in their township


I thought that I would actually be living my retirement years in quiet seclusion and continue to work away on my private country “retreat”. Boy was I ever WRONG! Little did I know when I retired last year, that events in my life let me to direct my drive/ passion to another arena. Only now, instead of helping to take care of our great country’s “military family” all over the globe, it is directed at a much closer level, helping out my neighbors, in the community that I have chosen to live in.

To those of you out there in “reader land”, who knew me from my old DSCC Quality Assurance Specialist (QAS) days, especially one of Buckeye Lake/ Millersport’s own and my favorite “hard as nails” Post-award Contracting Officer/Eileen Entler, after reading this letter you will know where my old passion/drive has now been directed towards. I am definitely not bored! I am still working away at the computer, doing all sorts of research & digging to findthe “pieces of the puzzle” that will complete the picture/investigation, just like in my old (QAS) job. Only now, it is directed at attending and reviewing township meeting notes/data, plus reading up on the applicable Ohio Revised Code & Ohio Sunshine Laws, to determine how they apply and match up to what is transpiring at our local township level.

So having set the stage, let me get into why I am writing this and future letters about the happenings at the local township level. For me, this happens to be Bowling Green Township, in Licking County. My hope is that I can make more citizens aware/ active in “all” of the townships. I would like to also note here, even though much of what I am going to be writing about is going to point out problems with some of our elected officials, I also realize that that there are some really hard working, ethical, community minded people out there at the township level as well.

So these issues may not apply across the board, to all of the trustees in officetoday, but the only way to really know who these officials are, is to become aware/informed about what they are actually doing. The only way to do this is to see them up close, pay close attention at the meetings and above all, ask questions!
Will Kern
Bowling Green Township

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