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Writer doesn’t understand zoning rules


In response to Mr. Budnick’s letter posted in the Aug. 2 edition of the Beacon, I can only say that he truly does not understand township zoning. Referring to those who have moved to Liberty Township as “city dogs” and “city rejects” is very mean spirited.

The Richardsons were operating a commercial business in a residential area, tried to get their land rezoned to a commercial district, and failed. The bottom line is they were operating illegally! I am certain that moving to an appropriate area will benefit Hydromaster immensely and their business will flourish as a result. I wish them the best!

I do hope Mr. Budnick takes the time to read up on what’s legal and what’s not in Liberty Township. The Zoning Resolutions were in effect long before the “city dogs” arrived. Zoning was simply enforced, as it should have been.

Nancy Waldren Liberty Township

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