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Writer didn’t document any ‘lies’


I am happy that Robert Van Dyke took the time to respond to my letter, but he didn’t address any of the “untruths/lies” that were apparently in my previous letters. I ask again, “What were the lies” ?

His statement, “You can rest assured Mr. Lamb, that when this levy passes, it will cost our household much more than it will cost yours,” is an assumption. Yes , I am on Social Security, but I still work and have “earned” income, as does my wife, and we both pay Baltimore income tax.

He praised the Baltimore Fire Department/ Basil Joint Fire District, and I too am very happy with their service. The difference is that they went to the voters and their property tax levy was voted on by both Baltimore and Liberty Township residents, and the levy passed. The difference is that Baltimore tried to pass a property tax levy for the police department and 64% of the voters said “No.”

Rather than accept the will of voters, they are coming back with a different plan and “many” of the voters that may benefit from increased police protection, will get it for free. I still believe that senior citizens played a large role in the rejection of the property tax levy for police, because many of them “must” be fiscally responsible, and cannot afford the increase in their property taxes. This clever idea of “exempting” them from financial participation is nothing more than a way to silence what could be a “NO” voter. Another item that “may” have an impact on the upcoming election is the recent water/sewer rate increases. The increases appear to be the result of t the fiscal irresponsibility of the Village of Baltimore and the “surge” in spending monies out of the “water/sewer funds” to pay a Village Administrator, as well as the inability of the village council to say “NO”.

I have said before, and I will say again, if the prosecutor needed another buy, do it, complete the raid and the arrests and be done with it. One of the news persons at the scene told me, after I asked “ask them why did they do this so close to the election date?”…The answer.. “it’s politics”.

Your three “purposes” that were served by the news reports….if a police officer cannot execute the warrant professionally, they should not be a police officer….. Additional evidence of guilt, I agree with, but if you think that will stop drugs in Baltimore, you re out of touch with reality. Read all the news reports about drug arrests on Route 23, but the drugs keep coming.

Charles R. Lamb


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