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Writer demands fiscal accountability from elected Thornville officials


Thornville villagers – Did you get your livestock survey? I didn’t. I had to ask the village administrator for a copy. The village administrator explained during the regular council meeting on Aug. 22 that my survey, along with others in the village, may have blown away or been rained on.

At the Aug. 22 council meeting, I asked the mayor and all council members present how much the taxpayers of the village have paid for Village Solicitor Brian Zets to render legal advice related to the housing of chickens, and how much the taxpayers have paid the council clerk (an hourly employee) and the village administrator to create, copy, distribute, and tabulate the results of the livestock survey – the same one that may have blown off your front door.

No one at the meeting had an answer. The village council clerk did offer in response to a public records request, that “Solicitor Zets does not invoice the village by subject”, and provided a redacted invoice showing that Solicitor Zets charged the village $2,938.00 over a period of 22 days in May 2016.

Would you pay your personal attorney for work that wasn’t itemized by subject? For years, villagers have heard from the mayor and council that there is no money for parks and recreation, no money for tree trimming, no money to patch that pot hole in the alley….Villagers – isn’t it time that we, as taxpayers, start to demand fiscal accountability from our elected officials?

Beth Dannaher

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