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Writer defends ‘watchdogs’


I am replying to a letter written by Rhonda Stephens regarding the watchdog letters being published in The Beacon.

I don’t laugh at those letters. I enjoy reading about what our local watchdogs, junkyard dogs, etc. have uncovered. We need more people like them out there on the local level and, yes, all the way up to the national level as well.

I know first hand what can happen if you let local elected officials run amuck and what happens to you if you take a stand. Most folks do not think anything about personal property rights until they get hit with an issue right at their front door.

Let me say this about one of the watchdogs that I know personally. I know Will ‘Watchdog’ Kern is passionate about other issues. I know for a fact that he has been involved at the state and federal level to try to change current laws, policies and even proposed bills. As an example, he was really concerned about Ohio House Bill 470 last year so he contacted several legislators about it to voice his concerns. Other citizens, especially if they live on a township or county road may want to read up on it. Thankfully this house bill died last year.

Will in on an information campaign to help local voters know some facts about what is going on in the township and educate them about some of the Ohio Revised Code requirements. YES, I want to know about elected officials that have a problem with a private citizen videotaping a public meeting. One has to wonder what do they want to hide. I certainly want to know what the health insurance costs and total compensation packages are for our township officials. Shouldn’t we all know where our local tax money is going? Heaven knows it is almost impossible to tack anything at the state or federal level.

Even though I do not live in Bowling Green Township, I know how and why this got very personal for Will. Go to his website – – and read the “Never Ending Story.” That will give you a sense of how and why he got involved. Since then, there have been all sorts of personal attacks, harassment and intimidation directed his way, all in an effort to shut him up. So I say keep on writing. We need more people to be aware, get involved, take a stand and say no more.

Robert Snedden Sr. Licking Township

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