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Writer concerned about trash, trees at spillway


I am not a letter writer, but this subject has been on my mind for a time. My concerns are with the spillway on Ohio 360 which is becoming such an eyesore, with trees and trash collecting there. A spillway that cost a million (?) dollars and looks terrible.

The state took property from the local VFW, which is a nonprofit charitable organization, and left them with a piece of useless property on the east side of the channel that they pay ridiculous property taxes on. Now the state doesn’t even clean up its property. A lot of VFW members volunteered to clean up the west side of the channel which has been a huge improvement, so where are the concerns and help from the state park?

Now, I am wondering just how many years will it take for the roots of these ugly trees to breach the dam?? I hope this letter will open the eyes of concerned citizens and prompt them to contact the proper authorities.

G. Wolfe
Buckeye Lake

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