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Writer claims candidate’s signs violate zoning code


This is in response to the letter to the Editor written by Linda Myer in the September 12th edition of the Beacon.

Do residents know she is violating the rules in the township of which she wants to be trustee? Candidates running for public office should know the rules. Linda Myer stated in the Beacon that she was township clerk; therefore, she should know the rules. Her husband, Pete Myer, has written letters several times criticizing the zoning rules. He should advise his wife that she is clearly in violation.

According to Article 27, Section 27.03D of the Zoning Resolution of Thorn Township, Perry County, election signs can be posted 45 days prior to election and must be removed no later than 15 days after the election. The 18th of September is 45 days prior to the election; Mrs. Myers’ signs were up at least, if not before, the 2nd of September.

If we are going to elect officials to public office, they should set the example for the citizens and abide by the rules others must follow.

Bob Coleman Thorn Township

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