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Writer changes the channel on Beck’s show


Glenn Beck has a fact free presentation on TV. He does use a lot of religious emotionalism, with no doctrine or beliefs that would compare to traditional Christian Churches, and educated leaders, who carefully spend years in college institutions to learn.

I know for some people they will say, “I like that.” They are probably just his kind of people who can be used to follow their gut and not use their God given logic.

His show after the death of Bin Laden was quite bi-polar in its presentation. First he spoke of how the people of our country should decide if it is morally right to celebrate death. He related back to when some of the countries in the Middle East had people celebrating the 911 attacks. He seriously spoke on how it might be better not to do as our enemies did and take pleasure in another human beings suffering.

In the next sentence, he invited in a marching band and handed out cookies and confetti fell from the ceiling as he changed direction and made a joke of himself as he did indeed march around the room and exhibit joy at Bin Laden’s death; which I don’t care if he celebrates or not. But it was very strange behavior.

After the tragedy in Japan, Beck spoke of the breakdown of nuclear reactors saying it could be the end of the world and related it to the Bible. As I watched him, it seems like he jumps in and out of moments of sanity. He speaks logically and addresses the feelings of some people. Then suddenly he dives off the deep end, as if he is trying to see how many people he can pull in with him. It is like a bizarre emotional roller coaster ride.

I am not surprised that there are people without the ability to be thoughtful in their religious understanding. But leaders are supposed to be. The problem, in my humble opinion, might be how this political personality got into the ranks of responsible leadership. Men like him are supposed to be “weeded out.” Not let run a-muck.

So I do change the channel. But when I read a letter to the editor and hear a community member who feels the need to preach, “All Praises to His Name,” I feel compelled to say, “Poppycock.” Is this really something people care about? Jim Jones got a chance to hurt and eventually kill a bunch of community members who were weak and blindly follow a strange man. To my fellow Buckeye Lake Community Members, I would like to say, “Take heed! Do not let men with silly doctrines lead you into the jungle to drink the Kool-Aid.”

Karey Dyer

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