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Writer believes ODNR is responsible for Samantha’s death


The story of Sam and Samantha has touched us all. Parents will always defend their young, as I have my son many times. Don’t cross that line.

But in defense of the Gerling/ Heimrich Family, I know them to be kind, hardworking people, maintaining the family home they grew up in and that has been in the family for three generations. They are not just “weekenders.”

I’m sure they did not expect this outcome, as none of us would have. I place the blame on ODNR. If there is a pest, they give permission to these “critter controls” to remove or euthanize them. Why not relocate them back to Snug Harbor?

Let’s not crucify this family. It was an unfortunate situation for all concerned. I would think ODNR would have a more “natural” solution to these problems.

My heart goes out to Sam – without his life partner and young.

Who really is to blame here? ODNR, rethink your methods.
Georgette Anthony


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