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Writer avoids ‘New Rome East’


Until I read the article by Scott Rawdon in last week’s Beacon, I thought the frequent letters to the editor written by a Kirkersville resident were probably a bit exaggerated. Now I’m not so sure.

Given Mayor Evans quoted statement that he wants to lower the speed on the unpopulated State Route 158 connecter to 35 mph sort of firms up the comparisons to New Rome. How many lives would that save? There are no residences on the connecter and 5 mph sudden difference between the connecter and National Road should be enough to catch the dangerous speeders in the wee hours of the morning.

I have to travel to my Columbus workplace on a daily basis and prefer to leave early and enjoy a leisurely drive in on the old National Road. Given Kirkersville’s reputation as “New Rome East,” I now stay on Interstate 70 until I reach State Route 158 which allows me to bypass Kirkersville. Looks like I have to proceed on to State Route 310 if the Mayor gets his way. I’m sure everyone shares Mayor Evans concerns about speeding in school zones when students are present.

Vic Leavitt Thornville

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