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Writer asks ‘What’s the matter?’


It seems our elected officials ‘rule the roost” as the saying goes in Buckeye Lake Village. You make all the decision for us – your little pee-ons – but when we really need you to step up and make a decision for our little village, all of a sudden you are nowhere to be seen. As I have said before, WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH YOU!

We very much need an ‘in charge’ fire chief that can handle the job. We don’t have one and you aren’t doing anything about it. Yet, you expect us to vote ‘yes’ for the levy renewal, giving you more of our money to spend without listening to us. I hope you realize we must vote ‘NO.’

You have made a decision of golf carts telling us what additional items are required. Most don’t have those items, but they are still on the road with the ‘in charge’ folks looking the other way.

Mike’s Auto Service used to keep up with the maintenance on the village police cruisers, but YOU again decided you didn’t want him to continue. Council wanted someone else to do it. So, that stopped!

YOU also decided that you don’t want our village to look a recreation area. By that, I mean you want it all painted a drab color – tan to be exact. You tried to bully Mike into painting the auto service building tan. He didn’t want the drab, thank goodness, because the entire area through our town would just be plain, boring and drab.

Mike’s Auto Service has been red, white and blue for the past 14 years!! Just ask anyone that has ever been to Buckeye Lake about the red, white and blue building. Everybody knows it as a landmark. For example, “Just go three streets past the red/ white/blue building or if you get to the red/ white/blue building you have gone too far.

Well, you got your way again. The new owners of the block that includes Mike’s Auto Service were told that you wanted the building NOT to be red/white/blue. At least the owners are going to paint it blue, which is a far cry better than drab tan, but the red/white/blue building will be very much missed.

Buckeye Lake – what’s wrong with you??? Why does our village council and administration run the entire village AND the people.

Judy Allen
Buckeye Lake

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