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Wolfe said to be part of the problem


In response to G. Wolfe: First and foremost, I understand WHY people complain about cats and I typically sympathize with them. However, HARMING a cat is out of the question and when someone talks about harming them I no longer have sympathy nor understanding. When I started reading your letter I thought you really were going to be part of the SOLUTION…not part of the PROBLEM!

You started off on the right track by putting the blame for the over population of cats on the right people…irresponsible pet owners who haven’t altered their cats. And even though you stated that you thought the problem was “probably started by a few irresponsible pet owners who got tired of them and dumped them” you then threaten to ‘dump’ 100+ cats at my house!

Well how does a 100 or so counts of animal cruelty sound to you? I have offered SOLUTIONS. I work diligently at offering spays and neuters at a low cost. I have tried to get council to pass MANDATORY spay and neuter legislation. The root of the overpopulation problem in cats is, as you said, IRRESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS!

In answer to your question, “How do you turn a feral cat into a ‘companion’ cat:” The answer is: read and follow Ohio law! Ohio legislators know that cats did not just evolve in our communities. Therefore, they decided, through legislative process, that EVERY cat is a companion animal and therefore every cat is entitled to be free from the kind of criminal companion animal cruelty that you are proposing!

Make no mistake, this is an irresponsible PEOPLE problem and the animals shouldn’t have to suffer because of it! Since your solution is illegal, I hope it has warranted a call or visit from the Buckeye Lake Police informing you so.

Altered animals are healthier and happier. Talk to your trailer park manager and village council about legal HUMANE solutions. The only solution is to make people spay or neuter their cat BEFORE it gets outside or gets DUMPED on someone else! Not only are altered animals healthier and happier, it is the only LEGAL solution to the cat overpopulation problem in all communities!

Bonnie Mansfield

Buckeye Lake

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