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Wilson supported for trustee


It’s time to select trustees for Thorn Township. We’re not supporting Dale Factor. He is not a good choice for trustee.

We’ve lived in the township for 20+ years and have yet to meet a more rude and disrespectful person than Dale Factor. We’ve had a few run-ins with Dale and everyone was bad. He talked down to us and made us feel like we weren’t on his level.

When you approach Dale, he doesn’t acknowledge you unless you are someone that he likes. Whether he likes you or not, he should be polite. He needs to treat all township residents the same.

We can’t believe he seeking reelection. Thorn Township is a great place to live and we don’t need someone like Dale Factor to represent us. Please consider who you want in office to represent us and our great township.

Vote for Rick Wilson.
Terri and Kevin Moore
Thorn Township

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