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Why isn’t sewer charge based on usage like water?


I bought my Buckeye Lake Village property back in 1980. At that time I used to pay a sewer rate of $17 every three month.

My how times have changed. We now have a new water system billed according to usage. When is Licking County Wastewater going to get with the program. On my street six of the nine houses are single occupancy. Can someone tell me why we pay the same amount as the person one street over that is married and has three or more children. There is seriously something wrong with this picture. Waste water should be billed according to usage also. The generic $46 monthly billing should be a thing of the past.

The second issue I would like to address is the Buckeye Lake Post Office. Unless you are retired or on public assistance, the window hours are pretty much useless to the working class people. I have to buy my stamps at area grocery stores or catch the banker hours on Saturday. So my question is: how man y residences or population does it require to have home delivery? I can assure you the highlight of my day is not running to the post office daily to get my mail, I do it because this is my only option. Overpaying and locked out!

Patty Woods
Buckeye Lake

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