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Why is it do as I say not as I do?


Why is it do as I say not as I do at the Buckeye Lake Fire Department?

Here is “the do as I say:” This May Mayor Rick Baker was told that Terry Hoffer – a paid part-time Paramedic on BLFD – had a medical condition and was on medical leave from his full-time paid position with the Hebron Fire Department. Mayor Baker made Chief Leindecker inform Terry Hoffer that he could not work at BLFD until he had a medical release from his doctor.

Now for the “Not as I do:” This June Chief Leindecker was hospitalized for nonwork related medical conditions, but he is still on the village payroll receiving his unearned $450 per month. I know setting on your rear is easy, but being a liability to the village isn’t worth $450 per month. At least Terry Hoffer made emergency runs when he was working and Chief Leindecker hasn’t made an emergency run in years.

Mayor Baker, you are wasting our tax dollars paying for this liability each month. You need to treat all employees equally. Chief Leindecker needs to be relieved of his duties until he is released by his doctor. What is good for one person should be good for all. Mayor, you need to find your manhood and show us tax payers that you can make the right choice. If not, I sure hope that Terry Hoffer reads this and seeks the advice of an attorney. Looks like discrimination to me.

It’s already bad enough that we have other members of BLFD that are a liability to the village due to medical conditions. These people need to think about the citizens first, and not let their inflated egos stand in the way of patient’s safety.

This example of ‘Do as I say, Not as I do’ is another reason why voters should VOTE NO for the Fire Levy in November, Things haven’t changed; they have just added a few new people. We still have same poor leadership.

Amiee Raphael
Buckeye Lake

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