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Why is council letting us down?


I would like someone to explain why our council is letting us down. I understand our mayor wants this “full-time water supervisor” position, but it is also my understanding that council gets to set the salary. Why all this talk about $45,000 a year when we SHOULD be saying, “starting at $30,000 (for example) with merit increases yearly (if warranted) and a top salary of $45,000.

I’m sure there wouldn’t be as many complaints if the position was more reasonable. It is also my understanding that the mayor wants Toby Miller in this position – don’t you think it would be nice if he had the paperwork to go with the job??? Like an Ohio EPA license for starters!

I have also been told that this position can be easily funded because of “all the new housing that will be coming to our community.” There again, don’t you think it would be VERY nice if that happened BEFORE the money is spent. A very interested and worried resident.

Judy Allen
Buckeye Lake

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