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Why haven’t streets been repaired?


Once again, I have heard some interesting statements. Recently, a friend with experience in street maintenance and repair told me about a conversation with a Baltimore Village Council member. The council member will remain unnamed.

My friend asked the council member why Baltimore’s streets are in such poor condition. The answer he got was, “Have you driven recently in Lancaster?”

My answer would have been that, “I do not live in Lancaster, I live in Baltimore. I do not pay taxes to Lancaster, but I do to Baltimore.” There are plenty of Baltimore residents that can remember that when the income tax was first discussed, we were told that the income tax would be used for both the General Fund, as well as for street repairs/replacement. Since about 2003, how much street repairs/replacements has occurred ???

There was a paving project in 2013, but it was stated that project was paid for with a grant. Where are all the tax monies that were destined to be spent on street repairs/ replacements ?

I saw the little note on my water bill stating that “potholes” and “streetlights” that are not functioning should be reported to the Baltimore website. I guess our street department cannot find them, because I have seen little or no progress in street maintenance. If streets are not being main- tained, where is the money going ?

I also heard that the eleven or so locals that have Baltimore water, but do not live in the village will be sharing their distress with Thurston. It appears that the Thurston water plant is not progressing as quickly as they had hoped, and they have had to ask Baltimore to extend their contract to purchase water from Baltimore.

From what I have been told, Baltimore is going to “punish” Thurston by charging them a significantly higher price for the water. It is also rumored that Baltimore wants possession of the water line running to Thurston. I guess it does not pay to “stand up” to the Baltimore Village Council.

By the way, have the three “Nay” voters from December 2013 council meeting been subjected to “retraining” yet ?

With this administration, it appears to me that Baltimore is going backwards and the only thing increasing is the amount of debt that we are going to have to repay.

The one thing that is sure is that Baltimore residents will continue to have less spendable income, due totally to this administration. Baltimore residents need to make sure that the next election cycle “cleans house” and the “spenders” are removed from their positions.

Charles R. Lamb

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