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Why doesn’t the humane society take over the pound?


Since speaking publicly at a council meeting seeking mandatory spay/neuter for outside cats in Buckeye Lake, I have had six cats dumped at my house…five were alive and one was dead. After this meeting, myself and two others (one was a police officer) witnessed a man speed up and aim a vehicle at a cat in front of my house, VERY close to where we were standing. Although he missed hitting the cat, he allegedly admitted that he “just doesn’t like cats!”

Regardless of whether or not you “like” an animal, cruelty to animals (including cats – ANY cat) is against the law! I get NUMEROUS calls from people wanting me to take cats, kittens and dogs. Some of these calls are referrrals from other agencies/ public officials who seem to want to pass the buck and give people false hope. These agencies have resources available to them, I do not.

I received a heartbreaking call from an older woman who took in a hungry cat. The cat had five kittens who were now old enough to be weaned. The woman cried as she explained that she was going to the hospital the next morning to have surgery and she was distraught at what would happen to these kittens. She couldn’t find anyone to take the kittens and had no one to care for them while she was in the hospital.

I called the pound and begged them to take these kittens because of the circumstances. The assistant dog warden I spoke to (Tyler Moore) absolutely would not take them. I shamed him for not helping the community with cats in a dire situation. Our tax dollars were used to build a building with two cat rooms that I believe could easily house 60 cats. As I have said before, Dog Warden John Silva came here retiring from Cuyahoga County and did away with most of the services (no more owner surrenders – no more humane agent calls – no more cats, etc.); But he increased the budget and hired more employees (mostly from other counties) to do less work!

Moore practically dared me to compare Franklin County pound to Licking County’s pound. And so I did. While neither agency takes cats, I was impressed… in Franklin County! Franklin County takes owner surrendered dogs….Licking County does not. Licking County only takes stray dogs. Franklin County requires an application to adopt a dog; Licking County does not! Franklin County’s main concern seems to be about the dog; Licking Coutny’s main concern seems to be about getting the dog out of there…no matter where it goes. Franklin County’s dogs are altered before they leave; Licking County’s are not. In fact, Licking County doesn’t seem to follow up on making sure these dogs are getting altered.

A friend of mine had a very good idea. Why doesn’t the County just pay the humane society to take over the pound?! It would cost less but be more beneficial to the animals and people in need!

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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