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Who is looking out for the lake?


When the Army Corps looked at the dam last year, if it was in such danger, why did it take so long to release the report? Then ODNR did not even say anything till late this month.

Just how dangerous is the dam? The evacuation signs in Buckeye Lake Village went up before the report was released. If the dam is in such danger, why wasn’t the job started last year?

With all the talk going back and forth the past few weeks, one of the most important things everyone has forgotten is the Lake.

Now the lake is just there and the fish living in the lake are doing what they have been doing every year at this time of year: Making more fish. With just three feet of water, will there be enough oxygen in the water to support them?

No one is talking about the lake and how it will survive, but we ought to be talking about it. Think about the lake: thisshallow body of water and how quickly it can become a stagnant body oftoxic algae, weeds, and dead fish, a perfect breeding spot for mosquitoes.

I do not believe that ODNR or the Army Corps are the ones to fix our problems as they are not thinking about the lake. I know the dam is important but five years to rebuild it? Give me a break. Buckeye Lake doesn’t have five years, maybe not even a year.

I don’t have any of the answers, just lots of questions. But with all the thousands of people who love the lake and live around the lake, I am hoping someone does have the answers or knows how to get them. We don’t have much time.

Jacqueline Cox
Fairfield Beach

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