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Where’s the growth in Baltimore?


I know that this will not be a surprise to many, but I did not attend the State of the Village presentation. I was told that Mayor Kalish said the condition of the village is good.

If we are in such good shape, please tell me why the former Kozy Korner and former Rosewood Cafe are apparently closed. Domino’s Pizza has closed and the Mercantile store next to Dollar General has closed. The vegetable processing plant that was supposed to be former Village Administrator Marsha Hall’s major accomplishment has yet to become a reality. The concrete plant just outside the village appears likely to never mix the first load of concrete. The recently remodeled, former BP station located across from village hall, has been “For Sale” and appears that it too, will no longer be a viable business in Baltimore.

I can remember about two years ago, there were concerns expressed about the number of rentals in Baltimore, and now I see many rentals with “For Rent” signs. Is it possible that the village administration with all their spending and the horrid water/ sewer rates are causing people to leave? People that own their homes cannot easily just decide to go elsewhere, but renters can.

I haven’t had access to village financial statements for the years right after I came here, but I would bet that this administration has added to the governmental payroll in an amount that is larger than any administration since 1960. Annexation is not an answer, especially since you cannot take care of what you already have. Unless what you annex is vacant land, you “might” be able to care for that, since vacant land requires little maintenance. Liberty and Walnut townships take better care of their sroads than the Village Of Baltimore, but they do not have several “new” positions that cost taxpayers many dollars for payroll and benefits. I am sorry to say this, but things will likely get “worse,” before they get “better” in Baltimore.

Charles R. Lamb

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