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Where did the income tax revenue go?


When you drive around Baltimore, you may see a street that has been resurfaced. The 2013 resurfacing project is complete, and it appears that they did not need to spend much time, effort, or money to pave what they did. You might also note that the Police Department and Street Department got new asphalt, but many of our streets and alleys are in horrible condition, and they got nothing.

You may recall that several years ago, Baltimore citizens were told that an income tax was the way to “save our streets”. At that time, the income tax was to have a significant percentage of the income tax allocated to “street/road maintenance”. I think that this is the first actual “resurfacing” that has been accomplished in several years.

Where is our income tax money going? It generated $ 595,774 in 2011 and $514,683 in 2010. We are talking about $1,111,057 that is over and above property taxes, and we have to borrow money to pave the streets that were paved ?

I think that the reason that we are in the condition that we are in is due to the present village administration and their belief that Baltimore is growing. We have had four village administrators, and only one was a Baltimore resident. I really wonder how Baltimore survived since 1825, without a village administrator. The same can be stated about a village engineer. I would be willing to guess that the combined salary/ benefit package for the last two village administrators would pave or patch nearly every street in Baltimore.

Our mayor still believes that the “growth is coming” to Baltimore, and I say, “look at census figures from 1960 and up”. Village Council absolutely refuses to say “NO” to anything, and the Service Committee chair is the actual “leader” of our village. If we do not replace every one of the Council members over however many election cycles it takes, this village “may” not survive as we know it.

Charles R. Lamb

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