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What’s permitted on the dam roadway

By Charles Prince

BUCKEYE LAKE – Signs on the bright yellow gates at vehicle access points to the new roadway on the rebuilt Buckeye Lake dam have confused some residents and visitors.

The signs state, “Only authorized or emergency vehicles.” The Beacon recently asked Ohio State Parks, Watercraft and Preserves Communications Manager Heidi Hetzel-Evans for clarification. She responded, “Currently, the access path is open to non-motorized traffic (pedestrians and bicyclists, etc.). The “Only authorized or emergency vehicles” sign is to prevent unauthorized cars or trucks from attempting to use the access path. New signage will soon be posted to clarify that motorized equipment is not permitted. This does not, however, apply to folks who rely on motorized wheelchairs or similar devices for mobility. Division management is also considering other usages or allowances which may not be covered here.”

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