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What is it going to take to improve EMS?


How much is it going to take for our village officials to address the well documented problems with our emergency medical services in Buckeye Lake Village????

How many people have to be injured for life, or even die, before it gets through to them that having a fire chief as we do (Leindecker) and his associates (Ruton and Toby Miller) is the same as having a vacant house.

Mayor Rick Baker is directly responsible for our fire department and should get rid of the parties that are NOT performing as their jobs require. He is doing nothing. Maybe he doesn’t understand what his own job requirements are.

We have shown with our vote on the fire levy renewal in November that we want something done. You see how much they paid attention to us. Now we need to get petitions together and ALL sign them to have the Mayor, Fire Chief and his associates REMOVED! We can then put someone in those positions who understands the responsibilities of the job. Someone who puts patients first.

And in the unlikely event we can’t fill those positions for a time, so be it. Aren’t we better off with no one than to have what we have now and THINK we have someone that will do the job when really we do not?

We are far better off having one of our neighboring villages cover our area as well as their own. They do far better with serving us than do the ones we have in our own village.

Judy Allen
Buckeye Lake

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