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What happened to levy discussion?


Help me understand. In Millersport we have several public meetings to discuss the removal of the only traffic light in town. However, we don’t have a single public meeting to discuss the perceived need for an additional tax levy for the Walnut Township Schools. This isn’t a “replacement” or a “renewal”. It’s new tax money and this time seniors won’t be able to dodge the bullet.

It is well documented that Walnut Township is tied with another district for the greatest decline in enrollment -10.6%- in the last four years in all of Ohio. Last fall I read a piece in The Beacon titled something like “Wanted 100 new students”. What are we doing to accomplish that? At some point we have to stop the hype and actually do something. We’re not greedy people – we’ll take even one new kid!

And what’s with the “stealth” promotion of all these school tax issues? If it wasn’t for the dozen or so signs on the north road, which is the preferred route to get outta Dodge, we wouldn’t even know there’s yet another school tax levy on the May 6 ballot. Do you know what it will cost you? What was done to avoid having to get deeper in our pockets? What will the money be used for?

It’s almost like the coaches, staff, teachers, administration and the board members are all ashamed to keep coming back for more money. Well, maybe they are.

Bob Myers
South Bank

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