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Wetter’s Better

Local pools are open!



MILLERSPORT, THORNVILLE – Hot? Humid? No problem! Local public pools are open and offer perfect refuge from the stickiest spring and summer in recent memory. For individuals, the Millersport pool is $4.50 per day for adults, and $3 for children 3 and 4, and for seniors. Thornville is $5 per day for adults and $4 for students. Baltimore’s pool is $5 per day for adults and $3 for children 3 and under, and seniors.

Of course, safety is the key to enjoying a day at the pool, even with lifeguard protection. According to Morgan and Morgan consumer and legal resources, for the safety of everyone involved, it is important that anyone using a public pool first learns how to swim. Even a basic knowledge of proper swimming techniques will be helpful in the water. Find out if the public pool you use offers swimming lessons. Many of these locations provide courses for both children and adults.

A public pool will attract a variety of different people. Everyone must be respectful of their fellow pool goers, and share the pool facilities. It is especially important to watch out for children both in and out of the water. Avoid a lot of horseplay, and respect the personal space of others. Remember that everyone is there to relax and enjoy a nice day in the water.



Find out how deep the water is before diving in. Diving head first into a shallow pool is very dangerous and can cause serious injury and even death. Many public pools do not allow diving at all, so only dive when it is approved, and always in the deep end only.

Never run on the deck of a pool. Keep in mind that the deck will be wet most of the time, and is likely to be slippery. It is far too easy to fall and get hurt, or collide into people around the pool. Take your time and don’t risk injuring yourself or others.

Be aware of the damage the sun can do to your skin, and bring along a powerful sunscreen. Make sure it is one that will not wash off in the water. Apply the lotion several times throughout the day to make sure you remain properly protected.













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