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Wells wants to clean-up village

Dear Editor:

I’m running for Mayor because we all deserve a better Buckeye Lake! We deserve a clean village free of run-down properties and abandoned cottages with unpaid taxes. It’s time to get tough on absentee property owners and irresponsible banks that don’t take care of their foreclosures.

We’ve been told the village cannot afford to mail the certified letters. I say we can’t afford NOT to send them!

The village owns quite a few properties that we acquired through the county from unpaid taxes. Some are empty lots. The realtors say that it’s a seller’s market so it’s time to sell these properties and use the proceeds to demolish these run-down properties in our neighborhoods.

For those properties that are occupied but not maintained, let’s work with our neighbors and identify those that need some assistance and see what we can do to help them get the resources or help they need for repairs.

We need an aggressive program for abandoned properties that are affecting their neighbors. If we need more authority to get the job done, I will work with village council to enact an exterior property maintenance code. We need to get tough on enforcement.

We don’t hesitate to impose permit fees and regulations for those maintaining and improving their property. So why are we turning our back when it comes to enforcing property maintenance?

I’m interested in your comments. Please share them on my campaign Facebook page at

I need your support for a better Buckeye Lake.

Peggy Wells
Candidate for Mayor

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