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Wells says zoning chair’s parking lot is illegal


Once again, Buckeye Lake Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Karen Cookston has demonstrated she has few scruples and little integrity. Now she has created an ugly, illegal parking lot on Anchors Way, the entrance to Cranberry Bay. Her new parking lot measures approximately 160 feet x 25 feet and runs along the street covering parts of four separate vacant lots. Wow, just what we all want to see everyday when we leave or return to our neighborhood!

Even though the “Village of Buckeye Lake Official Zoning Regulations” is the bible for her commission, she doesn’t seem to be familiar with it or more likely believes those rules are for everybody else.

According to Section 1007 “Location of Parking Spaces” on page 48, “Parking spaces for all detached residential uses shall be located on the same lot as the use, which they are intended to serve.” There are no houses on or attached to any of these lots.

In fact, the houses on two of the lots were recently demolished at taxpayers’ expense! Though that program didn’t have any income limits, it’s pretty pathetic that the Planning and Zoning chair is out to get all she can for herself. The time that was spent on Cookston’s properties could have been used to help someone more needy. She has the resources to demolish the houses on her own.

Her parking lot was built with grindings from the street repaving project. There was a paying customer for those grindings. Did she pay for them? Who built the parking lot for her? Was it the demolition contractor who was paid by the Neighborhood Stabilization Program to tear down her two houses? Did she pay the contractor or was it just a freebie for a village official?

These are important questions, particularly for a public official with her power and authority. Here’s another question. If Cookston is unwilling to follow the zoning regulations, how is she fit to impose them on the rest of us? Remember the grief she gave Dr. Poorman with his new hospital. Her unreasonable demands cost him dearly in both time and money. In the meantime, she gets nearly $20,000 in federal money to tear down two houses so she can build an illegal parking lot.

This is just another chapter in a history of self dealing. She’s not fit to chair Planning and Zoning. If she won’t resign, Mayor Rick Baker should ask her to step down.
Peggy Wells

Buckeye Lake

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