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‘We should recoup every possible penny from Chemcote and M•E…’


We are on our way toward a blacktop disaster in Buckeye Lake Village.

What happened? First, there was a lack of oversight even though we paid dearly for M•E Companies to watch the paving contractor.

Second, Chemcote, our paving contractor, either wasn’t up to the work or are crooked enough to steal from us without so much as a sorry about that. Our village officials weren’t much better. When the problems were brought to their attention, they did nothing other than to defend the culprits and their own lack of action.

Some of our streets are going to have to be redone. We should recoup every possible penny from Chemcote and M•E Companies, suing them if necessary.

We should not use either company for anything in the future. Warning neighboring communities about our bad experience also seems like a good idea.

It should not be an option for council members to continue to sit on their hands. Our brand new streets are falling apart in front of us and it is time for them to stand up for the people who elected them, not out-of-town contractors and engineers.

Ron Lee
Buckeye Lake

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