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We need to ‘pay forward’


Debbi and I have lived in Walnut Township since 1987 and have never regretted our decision to make this area our home. We have been fortunate enough to raise our son in this community and watched him grow and be successful in Walnut Township Schools. Our son had opportunities to excel academically, musically and athletically. Together, we have had to cope with failure as well as success. These experiences help define who we are and what type of person we will become.

This growth comes with a cost and that cost is taxes. No one gets anything of value for nothing. All of us had the same opportunity to hone our skills and pursue whatever path we desired. Now is the time to continue those opportunities and “pay forward”.

It is not about what is best for me but what is best for tomorrow’s citizens. People have told me that we need to spend less, cut more or consolidate with bigger districts.

We are working on spending less and cutting more but will not consider consolidation. If consolidation happens, those people need to understand that they will pay as much or more and then lose their local control, history and culture.

Debbi and I will be voting YES on Issue 6 and we urge others to “pay forward” and give other students the opportunities to cultivate their talents. Walnut Township is a great place to live and raise our kids.

Vincent B. Popo, Vice-President

Walnut Township School Board

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