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‘We need to continue the fight’


My name is Terry Lingo. My wife and I live year round on Westbank Dr. NE. Yes, we are on the dam wall. I felt it was time for me to write some of my thoughts/ concerns.

What we see happening around the lake saddens us. My hope is that it will encourage other residents to do the same. It’s important that we share what’s on our minds.

I am tired of hearing outside people blaming the local residents who live on the dam for all these problems. If the state and local officials were doing their jobs, they wouldn’t have given us permits to build our homes and docks. We had to acquire and buy a permit for everything we have done. If we shouldn’t have built, they shouldn’t have issued permits. The state has never taken care of the piece of property that lies in front of our homes. The home owners have taken care of them. For us personally, that included trimming the trees, laying new decks and building a dock.

I feel it is now more important than ever that we stand up and keep voicing our opinions. Our community and the local businesses are hurting. If we continue to stand up and make noise, then the elected officials need to listen. We put them in office.

We need to continue to fight. Support those of us who have made this our home and write letters.

Terry Lingo
West Bank

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