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‘We need safe affordable housing’


First, I would like to thank everyone involved with BLASST for another great fireworks show.

Now it seems like Willa Glaskin talks out of both sides of her mouth. I recall a meeting at Peggy Wells’ house with about a dozen residents there. Willa told us a story about how her vehicle accidentally backed over one of her legs in her driveway. She didn’t want to call Buckeye Lake EMTs and ended up getting treatment in another town. Was that a true story, Willa?

As for Buckeye EMTs coming to Peggy’s house, she asked for Hebron when she made her call. It was the 9-1-1 Center that sent Buckeye Lake to her house.

In response to Charlotte Bassnet, it seems her advice stopped a new housing project in Buckeye Lake. Stopping that project just allowed the slum lords to get richer. We need safe, affordable housing in Buckeye Lake. There are too many unsafe houses.

Brenda Hileman
Buckeye Lake

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