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We need jobs, Romney


We need jobs, economic recovery, repeal of Obama Care and deficit slashing. We cannot survive more wasteful spending, “big talking” and broken promises. We’re moving away from our Constitution, our liberty and our free market economy.

We need a truthful President who accepts responsibility for his mistakes. We’re all human, but Obama walks on water so he doesn’t own up. Does he really think we’re fooled?

The debates revealed an untruthful, evasive, petty and rude President. Romney created an atmosphere of diplomacy even in the face of Obama’s rude insults and unpresidential behavior. Romney was respectful, patient and courteous. Obama never did answer the questions about the four deaths at the our consulate in Libya. He lucked out that Romney didn’t press him on it. Obama’s “cover-up stories are an insult to us. We shouldn’t expect him to produce the facts when he still hasn’t produced his own college transcript.

A heartbeat away? I’d rather rely on Paul Ryan rather than Joe Biden. Ryan is well-spoken and serious minded with a good plan to fix our economy and balance the budget. Joe Biden is a loose canon. He stated that he always means what he says and within a week or so he asked an audience how many served or know someone who served in the Iraq or Iran conflict. The “Iran” conflict?

Obama knows how to organize communities. Romney knows how to create jobs and get the economy going again. For our children and grandchildren, join me. Vote Romney-Ryan!

Peggy Wells
Buckeye Lake

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