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We need a Patients 1st focus


One of the primary functions of government is to protect the people. Our Buckeye Lake Police, Fire and EMS provide that service. The fire chief is supposed to oversee the department’s daily operation. The chief reports to the mayor and supposedly, the buck stops with the mayor.

We have a chief who works at another job out of town with Thursdays off. Our mayor also works out of town and has weekends off. Neither one of them seem to get much accomplished for us. We all make time for the things that are important to us. What is important to these two individuals?

I’m very concerned that it takes months to get information from the village. Why has it taken so long to put together an informational meeting regarding the current issues at the fire department? We’ve all noticed the confusing sign at the fire department – different dates posted, then no date at all and now a new date, May 23! Blink your eyes and there will be another date.

Thanks to The Beacon’s investigation using public records, the residents are well informed about the potential life-threatening issues at the fire department. But now, we would like to hear how the village officials plan to address these critical issues.

If there are any redeeming qualities to share about this fire department, it needs to be done quickly. November is not far away. As it stands right now, the focus of our leadership is not the safety of the people, but on accommodating the fire chief and his work schedule – a prime example of the ‘tail wagging the dog.’

Judie Cook
Buckeye Lake

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