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We need a more ‘natural’ lake


After reading Merv Bartholow’s column in the August 10 Beacon, I would like to commend Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow for the work on monitoring the water quality in the region.

Buckeye Lake is a man made reservoir built to supply water to the Ohio- Erie Canal. Buckeye Lake being at the summit feeds water north to Blackhand Gorge and south to Baltimore, there is an overflow at Thornport to Jonathan Creek. The geographic area of the tributaries that flow into the Lake didn’t supply sufficient water to operate the Canal, so a feeder from the South Fork of the Licking River at Kirkersville to Millersport was built to supply water needed for the operation of the Canal. The Kirkersville feeder is no longer in use. The low head dam at Kirkersville is still in place so this feeder could be reconnected.

Returning Buckeye Lake to the way it was designed to operate would increase the exchange of water in the lake and it would be more like a natural lake system.

Mike Van Dorn
Licking Township

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