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We need 890.5 summer pool in 2017


Last week’s Beacon editorial is a call to action by “people of influence” (i.e. Republican) who live in the Buckeye Lake Region to call one or all of the people below:

• Your governor

• Your senator

• Your state representatives

• Your county commissioners

The conversation should focus on Ohio Department of Natural Resources closing the AMIL spillway in Buckeye Lake Village on or before February 1, 2017, using details in this Letter to the Editor and last week’s Beacon editorial!

If the AMIL is open until March 1, 2017, the probability is slim the 890.5’ will be achieved. Hundreds of acres of hydric soil in former Lake, wetlands and beyond sea walls around the Lake are dehydrated. The dehydrated high nutrient soil is now supporting weeds 5’ to 7’ high, 4’ trees and undergrowth not common in the Lake.

Mr. Ian Nickey, of Hicks Partners, noted at last month’s Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association that a Dam Tender has started working full time monitoring the wells on the stability berm, monitoring Lake level, weather forecasts and numerous other responsibilities. Naturally, the Dam Tender with the foregoing in mind would be able to open the Sellers Point Spillway low outlets in fifteen (15) minutes, if conditions would persist, between now and February 1, 2017.

Resumption of boating in 2017 with 890.5’ water level in Buckeye Lake would be a positive move by Ohio Department of Natural Resources and recognize the outstanding initiatives taken by Buckeye Lake Region 2036.

George O’Donnel, Founding President
Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow

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