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‘We are moving inexorably out of the hole…’


OMIGOD!! Death panels 2.0 Can I take back my vote?? Echoing Gov Romney’s statement from last week’s debate, The Beacon editorial is once again hinting at a death panel that will that will determine what medical procedures we may have under Obamacare. Romney said this “unelected board will tell people ultimately what kind of treatment they can have.” Fact checking his statement, the Columbus Dispatch – a Republican paper- said “Romney is referring to the independent Payment Advisory Board, a panel of experts that would have the power to force Medicare cuts if costs rise beyond a certain level and CONGRESS FAILS TO ACT . The Law specifically prohibits the board from rationing care, shifting costs to retirees, restricting benefits or raising the eligibility age. So the board doesn’t have the power to dictate to doctors what treatments they can prescribe..”

It seem that the new normal for right wingers now is “You are entitled to your own opinion AND your own facts.” A good example of this is the Romney campaign ad alleging that Obama eliminated the work requirement from welfare. Fact checked as FALSE, the campaign said they were “not going to let fact checkers dictate their campaign” and kept right on running the ad.

Are you better off that you were 4 years ago? You betcha!! On this date 4 years ago, the US and the entire global economy was on the brink of collapse and depression. The Recovery Act, aka Stimulus Plan, reversed the trend, and private sector jobs (Not goverment jobs, private sector jobs) have been added every month for the past 43 months . Yes, too many people are out of work, too many in poverty and too many on food stamps, but as a country , we are moving inexorably out of the hole were in. And what creates jobs ? Demand for goods and services, not tax breaks for the rich I was a small business man. I have experienced it.

Hal Jackson

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