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‘Watchdog’ watching the pound


In a previous Letter to the Editor, I mentioned a big screen monitor or tv hanging on the wall of the pound and wrote that, although I didn’t know the cost then, I believed it was a reflection of Silva’s blatant spending spree. According to public records, it is a 47-inch SMART TV that cost $899.10 (plus an additional $89.99 for the bracket to hang it)! Silva also purchased the following:

2 – Bifold credit card wallets $ 65.98

1 – Recessed badge wallet 34.99

1 – Sentry Baton 52.99

1 – Baton holder 24.99

1 – 7 PT Star Badge 77.50

1 – Big Sky Gun lock system 235.00

(fits most auto shot guns and assault rifles)

1 – Enclosed console 299.00

1 – Dual cup holder 35.00

25-Taser Live Cartridge 729.25*

*Note about Taser: I became aware of an incident that happened last year when John Silva was misusing a Taser and fired it into a chair where an employee had just been sitting. This was done in front of witnesses from the public as well as other employees and public officials. Obviously, a Taser can be very dangerous in the wrong hands and I believe he should have been reprimanded for having a Taser out behind the counter where someone could have been seriously injured!

I will have more purchases to share with you soon but, for now, I think I can speak for the majority of the citizens in Licking County when it comes to operations at the Licking County dog pound. First and foremost, the best interest of the animals in Licking County must be top priority. In addition, it would be nice to have:

• Assurance that sick and injured dogs will not be euthanized rather than receive medical treatment. Money should be spent on animals first and employee perks/accessories last! Euthanasia should be a last resort not the first.

• Assurance that dogs adopted from the pound are getting into good, responsible homes. Screening adoptive homes is a MUST!

• ALL dogs, regardless of their breed, to be available for adoption into responsible homes or rescue groups. We understand that some dogs are dangerous (typically because someone made them that way) and need to be humanely euthanized after making sure their owner has had a chance to find them.

• We want the pound to take needy animals in Licking County including cats and dogs whose owners cannot keep them any longer. So many dogs and cats are being thrown out and seriously or fatally injured by cars.

• We want animals adopted out of the pound to be spayed/neutered and we want the pound to follow up and make sure this is being done. These animals shouldn’t be adopted out only to be become someone’s breeders.

I will have more soon, but I would like to invite anyone who’s interested in helping our Licking County animals to contact me by calling 740-964-9651; via email at com> ; or by US mail at P.O. Box 1875, Buckeye Lake 43008.

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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