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‘Watchdog’ watching the game in Kirkersville


I have several things to say in this letter but first on my list is to say “thank you” to former OSU Linebacker Chris Spielman and 97.1 The Fan sportscaster Anthony Rothman for their generous donation to help a young kitten get the surgery he so very much needed. I also want to thank Denny Walker and Tri County Chrysler for donating two very much needed cat playpens and gift cards. May God bless you three guys for your kindness!

Football season starts soon and though I am not a fan, there IS a game that I will be watching… Kirkersville vs. Shawnee Hills. Kirkersville Police Chief Mark Bossa resigned about a month ago and Mark Colburn is now chief. Just before he came to Kirkersville, Mark Bossa was a police officer and police chief in Shawnee Hills for several years. The same applies to Mark Colburn. He was ALSO a police officer and police chief in Shawnee Hills just before coming to Kirkersville as an auxiliary officer when Bossa was still chief.

I’m not sure what has provoked players to come from the Shawnee Hills’ team but these two entities also share some other players in this game. Playing for both sides is Shawnee Hills’ Fiscal Officer Shirley Roskoski. She is now the Village Clerk in Kirkersville. Ms. Roskoski came to Kirkersville about the same time as Mark Bossa. Roskoski was being paid $20 per hour when the three former village clerks needed her help. Roskoski is the fourth clerk in the past two years.

Kirkersville Solicitor Brian Zets also plays for Shawnee Hills as well as Kirkersville. Zets came to Kirkersville shortly after Mark Bossa was hired in 2008. Several auxiliary police officers came from Shawnee Hills to Kirkersville but have since left. Kirkersville’s police roster is now down to Chief Colburn and auxiliary Officer Chase Wright.

At the August Kirkersville Council meeting, a “reading” on an ordinance to control cats was read for the first time. I am TOTALLY against this type of ordinance for several reasons. Primarily, this does not solve the cat problem and will potentially create more problems.

The first thing that MUST be done is to control the animal population through MANDATORY spay and neuter laws. I am willing to help the villages of Buckeye Lake and Kirkersville adopt and enforce spay and neuter laws. I am also willing to help anyone in those communities find inexpensive or free spays and neuters for their animals.

A recent Beacon story might have given some readers the idea that I support cat license laws. I STRONGLY oppose cat license laws because they will only punish responsible cat owners and result in cats being impounded and killed. People who get cats and kittens and allow them to roam the streets generally will not claim that cat when it comes time to buy a license for it! They are usually the same people who allow these animals to reproduce and become a problem for the entire community of man AND beast!

Also on my list of things to say is “thank you” to Feeder Creek Veterinarians for assisting in the rescue of a dog (I will share this story later) and “thank you” to the VOLUNTEERS at the Licking County dog pound who are diligently donatng their time and energy in spite of resistance from some dog pound employees. I hope the public realizes that good things are slowly happening at the pound in spite of the commissioners and management.

Lastly (actually my list is never ending), if you are an anonymous caller and want to point out something for me to share, you MUST get me access to black and white, cast-iron FACTS! So call me back at 740-964-9651 or email me at barkanimalrescue@
Bonnie Mansfield

Buckeye Lake

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