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‘Watchdog’ thrilled by removal of gas chamber at animal shelter


First and foremost, the gas chamber has been removed from the pound! For unknown reasons, John Silva (head dog warden) and others want this kept quiet! I’m not sure what their reasoning is but they should have been broadcasting to the world that the gas chamber is gone (UNLESS they plan use it again). Thinking positively, I AM THRILLED THAT IT IS GONE!!!

To address Sean Ahern from last week’s Beacon:

I would have thought that you, as Jon Luzio’s friend, and because he is no longer an issue, would have the consideration (to him) not to rehash his past. But because you felt compelled to make a last ditch effort to redeem your friend, I am compelled to correct your misleading statements.

You really didn’t know him in his official capacity if you think he was always “extremely courteous in dealing with the public” and “has had no complaints (other than mine) about his professional manner in dealing with the public.” Read his personnel file and the Commissioner’s minutes for the past several years! There were MANY citizens who made complaints about him.

You claim that “his procedure has always been a personal (visit) or telephone call first, merely explaining the law and the penalties for not controlling a pet. In almost no instance did he write a ticket for the original complaint”. And to that I say, Luzio’s personal visits should have resulted in CITATIONS and ENFORCING the law for the sake of the animal that was being starved or otherwise neglected or abused. I don’t think he wrote ANY tickets! It’s easy to do NOTHING. To do your job properly and enforce the law requires effort and time. So your claim that Luzio “has significantly reduced the number of runs necessary to contain dogs due to his efficient enforcement of Ohio extremely lax animal control statutes” is just simply your crack at trying to convince YOURSELF that he was doing his job the way someone who is not your friend would be expected to perform his duties.

You are somewhat wrong, but not totally, when you say that I have an issue with “euthanizing” animals. I don’t like that it has to be done, but the reality is that it DOES have to be done in many instances. I have ALWAYS said, when it comes to animals, you can’t save them all. BUT, I have also said that euthanizing them should NEVER be inhumane. Many of the animals that were destroyed at the pound weren’t “euthanized” by my definition. Therefore, you’re right that I had an issue with the term “euthanize” when it came to the pound using the word in defining the gassing or inhumane destruction of animals.

Let me just say, in response to the rest of your letter, that I disagree with ALMOST everything else ESPECIALLY that he was running a cat “rescue.” Killing cats and selling their dead bodies is not what I, and many others, consider “rescuing” them.

There are two things that you and I agree on: 1) the pound should not be using HUGE vans to pick up dogs. Fuel efficient vehicles would be much smarter. Perhaps the Commissioners would listen to you…so, please, express your concerns to them. and 2) you and I do agree that dog license fees are going up by FIFTY PERCENT and services are going down! You can blame me all you want, Mr. Ahern, but the fact is that I am not calling the shots. The Commissioners are increasing salaries for management; and increasing taxes; and increasing the COST of employee’s services to us taxpayers. The only thing decreasing is the work that has to be done by certain employees.

How black is your heart, Mr. Ahern, that you think HUMANE euthanasia is an “absurd project?” Who is really the witch…or should I say warlock? The HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) has proven that it is cheaper to HUMANELY euthanize by injection rather than use a gas chamber. In spite of the commissioners and the management at the pound, there WERE good things happening for the animals. But it was because of volunteers …no thanks to the GOB’s (Good Ole Boys) who are wasting our tax dollars!

You can respond all you want, Mr. Ahern, but I will not re-hash what Jon Luzio did or didn’t do UNLESS it pertains to what is currently being done at the pound. Luzio is a moot point from now on and his retirement was a welcomed change. I think that Jon’s been flushed and now there’s one more to flush…John Silva.

Apparently since John Silva is now the head dog catcher he, too, is making some changes… BACKWARDS! The Licking County Animal Shelter will now be called the Licking County DOG Shelter. They are currently taking a very minimal amount of cats (20 cats and when they reach that limit the doors are closed to cats) and it appears that they are going to take dogs only.

However, they are not taking dogs that are owner surrenders; no dogs that owners need to have humanely euthanized because they can’t afford to go to a veterinarian; no dogs that have “issues” (such as dogs that have growled or nipped at someone; or have hair missing, etc.).

It is my opinion that the Licking County Commissioners (Tim Bubb, Doug Smith, and Brad Feightner) are not concerned enough about what does or does not happen at the pound since they are allowing John Silva to undo any good that has been done in the past few months by volunteers.

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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