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‘Watchdog’ thanks Newark Police Chief


A cat named Ralphie was the focus of my last letter. Ralphie had allegedly been hit by a car and was shot twice by a Newark Police Officer. After Ralphie, there was a yellow dog named Sophie who was shot several times by a Newark Police Officer. A local paper reported that, “The officer responded to the area after a black dog reportedly bit a child on a bicycle. The officer had the wrong dog cornered when he fired two warning shots in front of the canine, Hall said. A neighbor attempted to warn the officer about the mix-up, saying “don’t shoot the dog.” But the officer fired six additional times and killed the dog, Hall said.”

Most recently, a kitten that was allegedly suffering, was “taken to a field and dispatched” by Newark Police Officers.

I emailed Chief Sarver and asked that he make it part of their policy that a rescue group be contacted, when the dog pound is closed and their own Animal Control Officer is unavailable, rather than shoot a “companion animal” as defined by the Ohio Revised Code section 959.131 (“Companion animal” means any animal that is kept inside a residential dwelling and any dog or cat regardless of where it is kept. “Companion animal” does not include livestock or any wild animal.)

To my surprise, Chief Sarver sent this notice to all police department personnel: “When we have an injured companion animal… and the owner cannot be immediately located and Animal Control Officer is unavailable to respond, please contact Ms. Bonnie Mansfield with Bark Animal Rescue who will respond or provide a drop-off point and take control of the animal until the owner can be found.”

Therefore, I wish to thank Chief Sarver for this step forward for the City of Newark! I have already had a few calls from some of Newark’s considerate police officers and I hope they know how appreciative I really am.

Anyone willing to be a drop-off point for injured animals (in Newark or other communities) should contact me at 740- 404-7880.

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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