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‘Watchdog’ still keeping one eye on Kirkersville


Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard several people question the whereabouts of the Kirkersville Police chief and cruiser as they’re being spotted in places other than Kirkersville. I had also witnessed the cruiser a few times myself outside of Kirkersville. On one occasion, someone saw Chief Bossa, in uniform, getting a hair cut on village time. But unless he considers that a ‘business check,’ I did not see ‘haircut’ on his logsheet.

A common occurrence of the chief is to go out of town to eat lunch and then out of town again (on the same shift) to wash the cruiser. On a few occasions, he notes that he goes out of town to take someone home and on one occasion he makes a traffic stop for alleged intoxication and then takes this person home IN ZANESVILLE. (He racked up 140 miles on the cruiser on this shift.)

A couple of logsheets show that the chief went to Radio Shack (to get a microphone that he claims didn’t work) and to Broad Street Kroger to get a battery! Although it was in town, one entry shows that he went on a call to check the welfare of someone at the cemetery. What I seldom saw on the chief’s logsheets is ACCOUNTABILITY for when gasoline is purchased.

Accountability….the most feared word of a Good Ole Boy (GOB). Whether it be accountability for purchases or accountability for someone’s whereabouts, almost every step a public official makes affects how the tax payer’s money is being spent…or misspent!

On the county level, accountability is also a problem. The Commissioners paid about $45,000 per year for “humane agents” as part of the salaries of about five of the Licking County dog pound employees. However, a records request revealed that the “humane agents” for Licking County have never been commissioned through the courts as is required by law, with one exception.

In 1989, Jon Luzio was commissioned but was not “re”commissioned in 2004 when the laws changed. Where’s the accountability from the management AND the Commissioners to make sure such an important detail is not missed?

According to public records, an extra $50 was charged to the dog pound for an “over the credit limit” on the gas credit cards and mileage entries on the travel logs are filled in with question marks by one member of management driving the county vehicles at the dog pound. On many occasions, fuel purchases are not even entered in the travel log. The fuel budget is about $9,000 per year. Where’s the accountability to make sure that fuel is being purchased properly?

It is sad that the Commissioners wait for private citizens to point out things like expired gun qualifications; fake training certificates; inhumane gas chamber; no Oath of Office after YEARS of employment; no REQUIRED training after YEARS of employment; missing and improper records… and the list goes on. What is not sad is that the citizens of this county are opening their eyes. I would like to see government officials remember how bad the economy is and to quit wasting our tax dollars!

The Commissioners have promised that changes are going to be made at the pound! Even though three new employees were hired, the pound still has very limited hours to the public and the gas chamber is still there. Although I complain about these GOB’s wasting our money, it is the animals who will pay the ultimate cost if GOOD changes are not made at our local pound.

The gas chamber has to go and so does Jon Luzio!
Bonnie Mansfield

Buckeye Lake

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