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‘Watchdog’ says township favored one company in road bid


After reading The Beacon’s report on Licking Township’s award of its summer road projects, I wish they had seen how Bowling Green Township handled the bids and contract for its summer road projects.

I knew before any bid was opened that Small Brothers would end up with business, no matter what was on the other bids. GOB Trustee Dan VanBuren tried all he could to “lock out” Shelly Company. by taking more and more roads off the original bid package. But since Shelly’s representative said their bid would not be affected by the deletions, that attempt failed….DARN! Shelly Co. is still the low bidder!

So after all sorts of attempts to try to get the numbers to work out, by constant changes to what would be done and not responding to Trustee Chorpenning’s attempt to award the contract to the initial low bidder, the other two trustees tabled the issue. But by the second meeting, VanBuren had it all worked out….just need to get more asphalt fill and take another road off the list. That way he could get the numbers to work to Small’s Brothers favor, since they where slightly lower on their asphalt price…..get it?

Some very interesting things came up during this spectacle (you can watch it online thanks to Chorpenning at ). The award for the 2011 roads project was given to (guess who?) Small Brothers. Yet for some reason it was never done. GOB VanBuren said it was “due to the bad weather”….SAY WHAT? Now get this, that 2011 contract is apparently still active and it will now be done in 2012…SAY WHAT? Did I mention that the 2011 bid award was not competitive, because ONLY Small Brothers submitted a bid last year! How did that happen?

So instead of using ALL of the available $$$, by “combining” 2011 and 2012 road work, making one “combined” specification bid package, they split it up. It’s not hard to see to see why that might have been done! Do you think it might be a savings for a company to come to do one project, than to have to come twice, especially considering where the Company is located? But hey, we are saving $$$…RIGHT!

It seems our GOB trustees will still not add a clause to the contract specifying when the work will be completed. .I seem to remember that Small Brothers were deemed “non-responsive”(rightly so) on a Licking Towship bid a few years ago for just that reason. Common sense tells you that a timeframe should be included in “every” contract, but hey, we need to be flexible with the contractor after all…..RIGHT?

So is it any wonder why things get so screwed up? After watching this show for many years now, I firmly believe that it’s all by design. One of the roads deleted this year is Cooperrider Road, where I still own property. When I asked a few years ago why the end of the road (about 60 feet), where my property starts was not chipped & sealed, VanBuren said they didn’t have enough money….RIGHT! It’s still not done, but they found enough money to buy a brand new “toy” dump truck. Another township really likes the deal they got on our “old” dump truck (with a little over 10,000 miles on it) which the GOB’s decided was junk and had to be disposed as quickly as possible. But hey….it’s all about the roads. We are saving money after all….RIGHT?

Will “Watchdog” Kern

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